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Profile: Rupert Albrecht

Tuesday, March 16th, 2021 | Permalink

Continued from the William Fietzer Newsletter of March, 2021.

Interview begins:

whf: We’ll begin with a simple question–what is your current position and status within the Anausavared organization?

ra: I thought you said simple (Flashes an ingratiating grin)! That’s a more difficult question than you think. Currently, I am the Shahanshah or Chief of Chiefs of what you Americans refer to as The New Immortals.

whf: That answer seems simple enough.

ra: You’d think so, especially since the extermination of much of our leadership.

whf: So, what’s the problem?

ra: Besides the extermination of our leadership and many of our followers at the hands of your Air Force (Smiles without warmth)? It’s created a power vacuum among the people who are left, most of whom are scattered throughout the Middle East and Europe, with a few in America and elsewhere.

whf: What’s your claim to leadership?

ra: I needn’t go through my complete resume, but I was the Anausavareds’ Chief Financial Officer before the attack by your Air Force on Mt. Ararat. Afterwards, I–

whf: (Interrupts) An attack prompted by your group’s illegal seizure of Mt. Ararat and its surrounding territory.

ra: It was not illegal. The Ararat region constitutes the original homeland of the Anausavareds and the Kingdom of Hayastan which they ruled for centuries.

whf: The Turkish government seems to think otherwise.

ra: Yes, (purses his lips in distaste), the Turkish government regards us and our claims to the region as domestic terrorists.

whf: You feel your claims are legitimate.

ra: Yes (nods).

whf: Couldn’t the United Nations or the International Court of Justice step in to settle this dispute?

ra: It’s very possible. In fact, several of us in the leadership sought such an approach before the bombing.

whf: What stopped you?

ra: My predecessor, Basil Zarkisian.

whf: How?

ra: Through treachery and deceit. I won’t bother you with the details (you can read Mission: Soul Sacrifice for that), but he enlisted the aid of the American military to reclaim the throne of Hayastan.

whf: All right. So, he’s the current Shahanshah of Hayastan?

ra: I am. (Pounds his chest for emphasis)

whf: What makes you think so?

ra: Who descended into the depths of Dakhanavar in the Lower World? I did. Who survived the purification ritual in the fires of Acheron and returned to ordinary reality? I did. (Thumps his chest again)

whf: This is important?

ra: It’s what the followers of Zurvanism believe will happen at the End Time. And I did it (Stands up).

whf: (Motions Albrecht to sit down) What is Zurvanism?

ra: It’s a branch of Zoroastrianism that we, that few besides we Anausavareds believe tells the true story of the End Time.

whf: Why not?

ra: It has to do with Time and Fate and the twin gods, Ahura Mazda and Ahriman, and the (resumes his seat in exasperation). Oh, go read the book!

whf: OK, but one last question–what happened to Basil Zarkisian?

ra: He’s dead, I think.

whf: You don’t know?

ra: With Zarkisian, you never know.

Profile: Todd Helsingford

Monday, February 15th, 2021 | Permalink

Continuing from February, 2021 William Fietzer Newsletter:

Interview begins:

whf: We’ve read your character description elsewhere–let’s get to the heart of the matter, post-Valentine’s Day. You are or have been romantically involved with two of the main female protagonists in the story. Would you say you’re unlucky at love, or just inept?

Todd: Mostly the former, but I cannot deny my shortcomings as a lover. As far as Miriam Gorovic is and was concerned, she was starting her own career at the time I asked her to marry me. Any woman, any spouse would think twice about traipsing around the world to a new embassy every two years, having to meet new set of people, adopt to a new culture and lifestyle, face new dangers and complications without a formal reason or connection for doing so.

As for Seraphina Abduri, we had our fling. She was sultry, passionate, fantastic in bed. But it was all to draw state secrets from me. Though she showed compassion by healing my wounds, her heart always belonged to Rupert Albrecht, whether he cared or not.

whf: Your face reddened when you mentioned Rupert Albrecht. Are you jealous of him?

Todd: Of Albrecht? Why should I be? Just because he’s rich, powerful, has the strength of a god (and the superior demeanor to go with it), why should I be jealous? I don’t know why Seraphina cannot see him for what he is, an opportunist and a scoundrel, but he is a psychic vampire, an Anausavared as is she, so there’s the ethnic component they share.

whf: For a dispassionate, diplomatic guy, you sure sound jealous to me.

Todd: Listen. (Face reddens) Maybe Seraphina figures she can appeal to his good side and straighten him out, make him care about others outside his own kind. We’ll see. For right now their shared culture is the primary factor that keeps them together.

whf: Final question. Would you marry either of them if, somehow, they wanted to get back together with you?

Todd: Let’s see. Each of them has rejected me once, used me for their own ends at least twice–No, I don’t think so, unless–(Grins) They have to ask me first! I’m no fool; I won’t play hard to get, but I will want to be wooed this time. (Laughs) I deserve it, don’t you think?

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Profile: Miriam Gorovic

Friday, November 13th, 2020 | Permalink

As promised, here is the second in a series of interviews with a main characters who appears in my ongoing series, Escape from the Immortals. This time it’s Miriam Gorovic. Her character profile appears below:

  1. Miriam Gorovic
  2. Occupation—blogger/journalist
  3. Conflicts—has inherited the ability to absorb and utilize the psychic energies of others from Basil Zarkisian, the father of her two-year-old son, Aric. She blames Victor for her father’s death and her unwanted motherhood
  4. Motivations—seeks help for her son’s migraines, restore her writing career
  5. Traits—brazen, athletic, and smart—a true warrior

Physical description: Tall (5′ 9″), lanky, athletic, with a wild mane of auburn hair and incisive, emerald-green eyes.

Interview begins:

whf: You’re portrayed as having a grudge against Dr. Victor Furst, the man who raised you and you thought was your father. Yet it seems from the narrative that he’s tried his best to protect you from your biological father, Dr. Basil Zarkisian, leader of the psychic parasites, the New Immortals. Does your attitude toward Dr. Furst seem fair to you?

mg: Yes and no. It doesn’t if you accept his explanation and his point of view–he left my mother and me to protect us. It does if you think leaving your wife and daughter to the advances of a predator like Zarkisian amounts to abandonment. Given Victor’s subsequent actions, I think the latter.

whf: Even though he tried to save you?

mg: If he’d made the right decision the first time and stood up to Zarkisian, he wouldn’t have needed to rescue us.

whf: Do you feel Dr. Zarkisian never should have reached out to you despite being your biological father?

mg: It’s not a question of rights; it’s a matter of approach. And motivation. If Zarkisian had contacted us in an effort to establish normal family relations–fine. But he used us as pawns to create a kingdom for the New Immortals, psychic parasites who feed off human emotions to conquer them and rule the earth.

whf: That’s horrible! It also seems like a worthwhile motivation for Dr. Furst to try and stop him.

mg: It would be except for Victor’s duplicity in trying to stop my father. My mother and I were part of his crusade against Basil’s nation-building activities which started with their psy-ops project for the CIA over twenty years ago. Victor’s flight to the Amazon and acquisition of shamanic powers were part of his life-long turf war with Zarkisian for power and influence within the U.S. defense department. The possibility of losing us to that end was a sacrifice Victor was willing to make.

whf: Dr. Furst has no paternal feelings towards you?

mg: He might have, but if so, they’re buried very deep. (Shrugs). I haven’t seen them yet.

whf: And Dr. Zarkisian?

mg: The same. They’re two sides of the same evil-headed coin.

whf: Is there any man in your life you do trust?

mg: (Looks down and shakes her head) “No.”

whf: (Flashes a wry smile) Not even Todd Helsingford, perhaps? He wanted to marry you at one point.

mg: A little. (She flushes) Todd’s gone from me, too, now. (She glares up in anger and frustration). Are you suggesting I drive these men out of my life?

whf: I’m no psychologist. (Shrugs) It’s a possibility.

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