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Profile: Rupert Albrecht

Tuesday, March 16th, 2021 | Permalink

Continued from the William Fietzer Newsletter of March, 2021.

Interview begins:

whf: We’ll begin with a simple question–what is your current position and status within the Anausavared organization?

ra: I thought you said simple (Flashes an ingratiating grin)! That’s a more difficult question than you think. Currently, I am the Shahanshah or Chief of Chiefs of what you Americans refer to as The New Immortals.

whf: That answer seems simple enough.

ra: You’d think so, especially since the extermination of much of our leadership.

whf: So, what’s the problem?

ra: Besides the extermination of our leadership and many of our followers at the hands of your Air Force (Smiles without warmth)? It’s created a power vacuum among the people who are left, most of whom are scattered throughout the Middle East and Europe, with a few in America and elsewhere.

whf: What’s your claim to leadership?

ra: I needn’t go through my complete resume, but I was the Anausavareds’ Chief Financial Officer before the attack by your Air Force on Mt. Ararat. Afterwards, I–

whf: (Interrupts) An attack prompted by your group’s illegal seizure of Mt. Ararat and its surrounding territory.

ra: It was not illegal. The Ararat region constitutes the original homeland of the Anausavareds and the Kingdom of Hayastan which they ruled for centuries.

whf: The Turkish government seems to think otherwise.

ra: Yes, (purses his lips in distaste), the Turkish government regards us and our claims to the region as domestic terrorists.

whf: You feel your claims are legitimate.

ra: Yes (nods).

whf: Couldn’t the United Nations or the International Court of Justice step in to settle this dispute?

ra: It’s very possible. In fact, several of us in the leadership sought such an approach before the bombing.

whf: What stopped you?

ra: My predecessor, Basil Zarkisian.

whf: How?

ra: Through treachery and deceit. I won’t bother you with the details (you can read Mission: Soul Sacrifice for that), but he enlisted the aid of the American military to reclaim the throne of Hayastan.

whf: All right. So, he’s the current Shahanshah of Hayastan?

ra: I am. (Pounds his chest for emphasis)

whf: What makes you think so?

ra: Who descended into the depths of Dakhanavar in the Lower World? I did. Who survived the purification ritual in the fires of Acheron and returned to ordinary reality? I did. (Thumps his chest again)

whf: This is important?

ra: It’s what the followers of Zurvanism believe will happen at the End Time. And I did it (Stands up).

whf: (Motions Albrecht to sit down) What is Zurvanism?

ra: It’s a branch of Zoroastrianism that we, that few besides we Anausavareds believe tells the true story of the End Time.

whf: Why not?

ra: It has to do with Time and Fate and the twin gods, Ahura Mazda and Ahriman, and the (resumes his seat in exasperation). Oh, go read the book!

whf: OK, but one last question–what happened to Basil Zarkisian?

ra: He’s dead, I think.

whf: You don’t know?

ra: With Zarkisian, you never know.