Mission: Soul Rescue

They stole her consciousness; now they want her soul.

Press Release
A shamanic therapist must restore his ex-wife to consciousness or forfeit her soul to a race of psychic parasites called the New Immortals.

Energy parasites drain people’s souls in their struggle to reestablish the ancient kingdom of Hayastan.

Dr. Victor Furst is a clinical psychologist and shaman with the ability to detect psychic vampires and retrieve the souls of their victims. His old rival at the CIA, Basil Zarkisian, heads a race mental parasites called the Anausavareds (New Immortals) who abducts the soul of Victor’s ex-wife, Evelyn, to Hades to prevent his interference in the rebirth of Hayastan, an ancient Middle Eastern nation once ruled and protected by the New Immortals and other followers of an extinct branch of the Zoroastrian religion called Zurvanism. Victor can let Evelyn’s soul die, or restore it in exchange for the New Immortals using the energies from thousands of other souls to sustain their drive to power.

From the back cover
“Science and religion often have served governments and revolutionaries to gain or maintain power,” says author William Fietzer. “The atomic bomb, the Ark of the Covenant, and the drinking of human blood have all been enlisted by the power-hungry to defeat their enemies. The soul is another such energy source; and a million souls . . . well, you get the idea.”

Mission: Soul Rescue, is the first in a series that explores power of the soul to nourish or destroy cultures, nations, or individuals (Cactus Moon Publishing; October, 2016; $14.99; ISBN; and is available from the publisher, my web site at http://www.williamfietzer.com, or via email wfietzer@comcast.net or kal.ba). Preorders available in January, 2017.